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There’s no doubt that Italy is on the list of one’s bucket list. This southern European country will not be popular for no reasons. It is home to some of the world’s well-known and best architecture, art, fashion, and even sumptuous cuisines, adding up the beauty of the Mediterranean coastline. Another factor is their language and the people itself. Italy is indeed a complex country that has its own set of customs and etiquette. Don’t be afraid to get lost in this paradise. Discover and enjoy as much as you can when you make way to Italy. Don’t worry, flightstatus24 will be one of your ultimate companions which makes life easy for you as you fly. In just a click, you’ll be able to have real-time information regarding your flight. And if you’re visiting Italy for the first time, we’ve provided here some travel tips and pieces of information that will be beneficial to you

Don’t skip the art.

We all know that visiting ancient ruins, shopping centers, and restaurants will be included on your list. Don’t forget to visit the art museums. Never escape the art scene from the Renaissance up to the present day. The Vatican itself houses over 100 art galleries and on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, you’ll see the work of art by Michelangelo. If you’re looking for the extensive collection of modern works by Picasso and Magritte, head over to the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice

You only need one day in Venice.

Hear us out. It is suggested to just spend a day or two to one of the most romantic cities on earth. It is more than enough to experience the floating city’s ambiance and try out the famous gelato in the picturesque St. Mark’s Square.

Be aware of the coperto charge. 

This is not a scam, a coperto charge is a per-person fee due in most of the restaurants in this country. It means cover charge which ranges from 1 to 5 Euros which includes bread for the table. If ever you’ll check the bill and see that there’s an extra charge commensurate to that amount, more like it’s the coperto.


Get used to paying for public restrooms

Get yourself ready when you are asked to pay before you enter a public restroom even at the train stations. It costs around 2 euros and rests assured that it is clean with soap and toilet paper. One of the unique features of most toilets here is that they won’t have toilet seat for hygiene concerns and also broken toilet seats just never get replaced.

You don’t have to book a hotel in the city you’re visiting

We all know that during peak seasons, hotel rates and other travel-related stuff can be extremely expensive more so if you’re visiting a popular destination like Venice, Cinque Terre, and the Amalfi Coast. Here’s a tip, the best places to stay in Italy can be found in the next town over. It is indeed much cheaper, tranquil, and not to mention that the rooms are more spacious.

Loud and angry speeches do not automatically mean there’s an argument. 

Yes, it is known worldwide that Italians are passionate people. Whenever you heard someone speaking in a higher note or loudly, it doesn’t automatically mean that they are mad. And also, in Italy, you’ll notice that they use lots of hand gestures.

Prepare to eat, a lot. 

It’s one of the best parts when visiting a foreign country. And here’s what you need to know, there’s more to Italian food than pizza and pasta. With Italian meals, it typically starts with antipasti like salads, bruschetta, and cured meat to name a few. Followed by the first dish of pasta, gnocchi, risotto, or the so-called primi Piatti. The next serving will be the secondi Piatti or the main course which can be a meat or fish. Lastly, the dessert. Be sure to try the authentic tiramisu and gelati.

Most cities are extremely walkable

Be sure you have a comfortable shoe for walking because mostly, we’ll be doing a lot. Here in Italy, taxis tend to be expensive and it is suggested and better to wander around on foot to discover and explore every nook and cranny. You can explore Verona in one day and even wander around Siena’s UNESCO-listed center. And also, the famous Florence’s historic center is best seen on foot. Don’t be shocked if you manage to rack up tens of thousands of steps each day on your pedometer.

Buongiorno and Buona sera 

Is it your first time in Italy? Throw a “Buongiorno” which means good day or “Buona sera”, Good evening in English. You can use it as you walk into the shop, hotel, restaurant or even meeting someone new. You might think that it sounds odd when you’re saying it, but don’t worry, it’s always appreciated and even the crankiest person will soften up.

Italy is an amazing country to visit as you’ll be able to learn various things and meet new people. Be prepared to visit various spectacular viewpoints in almost every city since it has a bell tower or castle. Honestly, it’s worth the climb. Don’t forget to visit the Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence. There are also fantastic rooftop bars that you can visit like the Minerva Roof Garden in RomeDivina Terrazza in Florence and Franco’s Bar in Positano. Rest assured that the view is incredible added up the refreshing cocktail or the popular glass of vino.