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October, 2012

Some Top Malta Festivals For A Traveller To Enjoy While On The Island

Malta is a beautiful and picturesque island that has a world and more to offer any traveller. From the most spectacular of surroundings boasting long beaches and azure seas, to the warm culture and immense history, you will never have to wonder what to do while on holiday on this amazing island. There is also an array of Malta festivals …Continue reading →

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Be Comfortable Traveling to an International Destination

Traveling out of the country is pretty exciting. However, there are some dangers attached to it as well. But don’t worry. There are ways you can minimize those dangers or resolve the possible issues that might arise during your travel adventure. Read on for some essential tips for international tour.   Get Travel Insurance   If you want to be …Continue reading →

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Amazing Thailand: Hua Hin, Fit for Royalty

AmazingThailand, that country that has contrasting flavors of the old and the new, is replete with sights and spots that can make any first-time visitor come back for more.   Eclectic, laid-back, fashionable, modern, old school – these are just some of the words that best describeThailand. High standards for tourism ensure that foreign guests will feel like royalty.   …Continue reading →

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5 Spectacular Ski Resorts for Extreme Skiers

Paradisevacation spots for some thrill seekers are ski resorts for extreme skiers–adventures that steep, snowy mountain peaks provide. These are world class skiing slopes that cities from around the world boast of. And here are 5 of them.   1. Whistler Blackcomb, British Colombia   Whistler is a group of soaring mountains considered the most ideal skiing spot inNorth America. …Continue reading →

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3 Sights to See in 2013 that No One Will Dare Forget After Seeing

What does the immediate future hold for tourism and travel? What places should be watched out for which have the potential to make headway as the most sought out travel destination one year from now? To help the anticipating traveler decide, here are 3 sights to see in 2013 that no one will dare forget.   Australia   Australian travel …Continue reading →

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10 Best of Downtown LA

As many locals will attest to, Downtown LA has been going through something of a renaissance these last few years. The catalyst that started it all was Staples Center, which opened in 1999. Since then this central enclave of California’s most image-conscious city has undergone a complete facelift. LA Live sprouted up in order to compliment the new stadium, and …Continue reading →

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Essential Things You Need to Go Skiing

Planning your ski trip in advance is a good idea – it can save you quite a bit of time and money, while ensuring that your skiing experience is an enjoyable one. A full inventory is a must when going skiing. Preparing a list can be very helpful towards planning your trip. There is always a risk that you’ll forget …Continue reading →

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A Brief Guide to Etiquette in Dubai

Dubai is an increasingly popular holiday destination, offering sheer luxury, of proportions that you’ll seldom find anywhere else on the planet. Dubai is a playground for the rich and famous, attracting people from all corners of the globe, but as with any new country that you visit, you should be aware of the local protocols and etiquette, as not to …Continue reading →

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Musical London – 5 Ways to Experience the Best of the London Music Scene

by Libertinus http://www.flickr.com/photos/libertinus/2617227457/sizes/m/in/photostream/ The London Music Scene is a vibrant and varied mix of cultures, styles and genres that together offer an exciting and eclectic experience for music lovers of all ages. From pop to opera, classical to West End, folk to rock and from experimental to night clubs, London has it all and still more besides. At any event you …Continue reading →

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Ski Chalets can also be a summer attraction

There’s snowhere like a summer ski chalet When someone mentions their holiday ski chalet your initial thoughts are probably of white peaked mountain ranges, skis and snowboards, and well-off families draped from head-to-toe in expensive ski gear. But you could be wrong. Alpine tourism has fallen dramatically in the past 5 years – no doubt an attribute of recessions and …Continue reading →

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