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November, 2012

Have a great time in Italy Tours

Italy, the most romantic destination one can wish to visit. Italy has splendid scenery, enriched culture and history along with spectacular architecture and above all mouth watering dishes to enjoy in your vacation in Italy. This is considered as the city of romance as you can enjoy round the clock with each aspect of Italy such as tourist attractions in …Continue reading →

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6 steaks you won’t believe you can eat!

If you’re a meat-eater, do you ever get bored? Think about it: beef, pork, chicken, and fish. There are a few variations here and there, but for the most part, we’re stuck with these options. Yet there are a bunch of other animals that we can sink our incisors into. How about a kangaroo steak, an ostrich burger or a …Continue reading →

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Scroll online to locate one of the most blissfully poised Tuscany farmhouse rentals

Tuscany is well noted not only for its enriched cultural legacy but also for its organized focus on tourism. From delighting on wines varied in flavor and kinds to mingling with the exotic testaments of Renaissance; the place is laden with diverse options for tourism. Internationally acclaimed heritage sites, museums, art galleries and nature reserves are as enchanting as the …Continue reading →

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Yacht charter Kroatian: for a wonderful seafaring vacation

The Croatian Republic is found adjoining the Mediterranean. The Balkans finds in its proximity, as well. The country bordering the Central Europe offers perfect conditions for nautical vacationing. Yacht charter Kroatian is there to facilitate the choice of sea loving campaigners.  For loads of fun and frolic, and above all for navigating the diverse fascination of marine beauty; yachting is …Continue reading →


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Visiting Australia

There are a lot of reasons to visit Australia, perhaps you’re planning a honey moon, maybe you want to take a family vacation or perhaps you’d like to get away from the chilly winters on the east coast of the United States. Whichever your reason for planning a vacation, Australia is a good choice. There are plenty of things to …Continue reading →

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The Most Luxurious Hotel Rooms In The World

If you’ve ever spent a night in a luxury hotel, it can seem like the most decadent and indulgent thing to do.  But for some hotels, the word luxury doesn’t even do them justice.  With jaw-dropping nightly rates, it’s something that most of us wouldn’t be able to afford. But if you fancy a quick peek behind the automatic sliding …Continue reading →

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Thailand: From A to B

Getting Around in Thailand   Tuk Tuks The Tuk Tuk is arguably a national icon of Thailand. The three-wheeled, motorised mini-taxis are nothing if not charming. Some have described late-night Bangkok Tuk Tuk rides as hair-raising – I find ‘thrilling’ a more suitable adjective. Make sure you learn your Thai numbers up to 200 as when quoted a price, it’s …Continue reading →

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Top 8 Tourist Attractions in Sydney

A trip to Sydney is always packed with fun, excitement and activities. This stunning city has so many offerings that you can get overwhelmed with a countless number of places to visit and things to do. A lot of holidaymakers from all around the globe descend upon the golden-shores of this beautiful city to enjoy and explore some amazing places …Continue reading →

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Top 5 Famous Hotel Renovations in Europe

Hotel renovations are usually costly affairs, but the exquisite improvements render such expenses well spent.  Renovations greatly enhance the appeal of hotels, improving not only its visual appearance but also the comfort and convenience it provides to guests. Europe, being a popular destination for romantic getaways and luxurious vacations, has seen a huge increase in major hotel renovations. Here are …Continue reading →

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The Happiest Place on Earth – Six Reasons to Vacation in Costa Rica

Want to visit the happiest place on earth? Don’t book your tickets for Disney World or Denmark just yet. As of 2012, Costa Rica is now rated the happiest country in the world. With beautiful landscapes that range from volcanoes to beaches, it’s easy to see why. The laid-back, positive atmosphere of Costa Rica makes it the perfect place for …Continue reading →

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