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December, 2012

Top 10 Hot Air Ballooning Spots In Australia

If you love to look at the sprawling beauty of the view beneath, you should enjoy the perfect ride in hot air balloons. There are a lot of different places in Australia where you can ride on hot air balloons and gaze at the wonderful and mesmerizing scene beneath. Enjoy the stunning beauty of gold coast Located in Queensland, Hot …Continue reading →

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Make Your Boating Holidays in Europe a Memorable and Fun Filled One

When you get bored and tired with the hectic and monotonous office and life schedule, the only way you can get relaxed is by planning and moving out for wonderful vacations. This is the preeminent way to take a well deserved break from the work and breathe in the calm and peaceful moments of life. Whatever may be on your …Continue reading →

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Where Best to Combine Your Love of Rugby and Travel

The HSBC Sevens World Series is one of the most anticipated tours in the rugby world and supporters will be travelling from far and wide to see as many legs as possible. With places like Dubai, the USA, Hong Kong and Tokyo playing host, it is easy to combine your passions for both sport and travel. The HSBC Sevens World …Continue reading →

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Best Locations in the World to Witness an Early Morning Sunrise

Nature has always dazzled me with her brilliance and one of the radiant works of nature is the sunrise. Sunrise is the best time of the day! It is always awesome to get up early, make myself a cup of coffee and sit by my apartment window for a peaceful 15 minutes to watch the sun rise. Since I live …Continue reading →

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How to Find an Ideal Accommodation

When it comes to finding an ideal destination for travel, the success of destination totally depends upon the accommodations for instance KohSamui luxury villas. However, it is much more to booking a place than finding the cheap or expensive hotel or villa. This article provides deep insights on how to find the perfect accommodation based on the plans State the …Continue reading →

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Travel Shopping Online: What You Need, Why You Need It and Where to Get It

The traveller requires a number of special items – whether he or she is travelling on business or for pleasure, there’s always room for a travel toothbrush. In fact, the travel toothbrush is the ideal illustration of travel packing and preparation – a word that should run in the veins of every traveller, no matter who he or she is …Continue reading →


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8 Venues More Animal Friendly Than Sea World

SeaWorld has made negative headlines for their treatment of animals, and PETA has spoken out against the amusement park numerous times. Instead of contributing to a venue that may be harming animals through neglect or abuse, look for places that are more animal-friendly and see the sights you want with a clean conscience. Animal-Friendly Amusements Image via Flickr by RC_Fotos Animals are …Continue reading →

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GateGuru App may save your bacon this holiday season

Forget all about turkey and stuffing – the biggest worry for holidaymakers heading off for Christmas and the New Year is negotiating the airport before departure. How well your airport experience goes can dictate whether your holiday gets off to a flying start – or turns into a damp squib, with you and your family or friends at loggerheads before …Continue reading →

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Fes: An Enchanted Moroccan Medina

Fes is a seemingly enchanted city, steeped in millennia of rich history. UNESCO has recognised Fes as the largest living medieval Islamic city. First Roots Until the 11th century, when it was founded as a city, Fes consisted of two separate towns. The towns, then known as Madinat Fas and Al-‘Aliya, were run by Idris I and his son Idris …Continue reading →

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Heat illness in children

Children can be especially susceptible to heat illnesses as their body surfaces are much smaller than an adult’s and they can also forget to drink in hot weather if they are busy playing. Here are some tips to help protect your child from heat illnesses on holiday and in the summer months: Sunburn is the most obvious heat illness children …Continue reading →

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