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3 New Jersey Destinations for Your Family

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New Jersey is a lovely state to visit with your family. Everywhere along the Jersey Shore, you’ll find opportunities for warm relaxation, fun for all ages, and amazing food. Plan a trip to one of these three cities in New Jersey that are ideal for a family vacation.


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Wildwood is perfect for a family because the resort city is bursting with an array of attractions, including arcades, bars, high-end restaurants, boardwalk eateries and shops, and theme parks. Visit these popular spots during your stay:

  • Morey’s Piers: This theme park includes roller coasters, kids’ rides, numerous restaurants and shops, and fun games. It’s open seasonally, so check the park hours before you make your trip official.
  • Wildwood Beach: The entire family will love spending time on the beach. Whether you want to sunbathe, go shelling, or try some new watersports, this is a beautiful and accessible place to do it.
  • Mariner’s Arcade: This is a good pick for your itinerary because Mariner’s Arcade will keep everyone entertained. Children of all ages will love the claw machines, Skee-Ball, and other games. Adults will love video poker or a throwback to their favorite classic arcade titles, such as PAC-MAN.

An abundance of family restaurants and attractions that will keep children, teenagers, and adults entertained means it’s fairly easy to plan a trip here. Search Hotel Planner for Wildwood hotels that are central to the city rather than on the beach. An inland location will save you some money, especially if you book early. Staying in the city will also make it easy to walk around and visit all these attractions.

Ocean City

Ocean City is a dry town, meaning no alcohol is sold within the city limits. That means you can take your kids pretty much anywhere you want to go during your time in Ocean City. Though this is great for families with young children, the town is also an excellent pick for anyone who wants to relax and have some light-hearted fun.

The city is fantastic for sports like parasailing and kayaking, and if your kids are too young for that, they’ll love a whale- and dolphin-watching tour. When it’s time for a meal, head to Longboard Café or Seacrets Jamaica USA. These local spots have plenty of variety to make everyone in the family happy.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City is another option in New Jersey that’s perfect for all ages. Adults will love spending time at the casinos. If you’re traveling with children, you’ll have an equally memorable time playing carnival games and enjoying rides at Steel Pier or sightseeing at attractions like the Absecon Lighthouse and the legendary Lucy the Elephant landmark. Carmine’s Italian Restaurant and Angelos Fairmount Tavern are two of the most highly rated family restaurants in Atlantic City.

It will be easy to fill up your vacation schedule with a trip to one of these three New Jersey cities. Consider a visit to Wildwood, Ocean City, or Atlantic City with your family this year, and remember to book early to get the best deals on your hotel room.