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5 Reasons To Choose A Hotel

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So you’re planning some rest and relaxation but which type of holiday accommodation is right for you? Various types of accommodation comes with its advantages and disadvantages but at the forefront,  hotels Llandudno still remain the most reliable and easy option. If you’re still not convinced, then check out these 5 reasons of why you should choose a hotel.


Service at hotels is second to none. Maybe you’re looking to go on a day out with the family and are unsure of the area, need transport to get from place to place or even need help finding theatre tickets. Simply ask the reception staff, who will usually know anything and everything going on in the area, and will swiftly help you with any request you may have.

So who cares if you help your charger at home or you locked yourself out of your room? Their job is to take the stress out of your holiday so you can enjoy yourself.


When you are on holiday you want to be worry free – with no thoughts about cleaning or cooking. Hotels provide that extra peace of mind with their amenities.

Amenities can vary from hotel to hotel, but these usually include, housekeeping, toiletries, room service, laundry service, internet access, towels and bedsheets. Some hotels go as far to include, swimming pools, fitness centres and even a spa. Allowing you to relax without having to leave the hotel.


Hotels offer food pretty much any time of day. So, if you’ve had a busy one exploring and have missed a meal, or got back late,  restaurants Llandudno will help to get you refuelled for the next day. As mentioned above, the hotel may offer room service, meaning not having to leave you room and even breakfast to get your started. With access to food and all times of day, your stay just became even easier.


Hotels are generally located in key areas such as in the city centre or by the beach and they are usually close to transport hubs and important sights, helping travellers get from A to B with ease. Hotel staff will be able to point you in the right direction if you do get lost and make sure that you see all the important landmarks before you leave.


Hotels make it easy if you are travelling with your extended family or even a family member with a disability. The consistency in the hotels services and facilities mean that they can accommodate for travellers of all ages and with various travel needs.


Hotels make it their business to keep you safe. Hotel security will vary from hotel to hotel but most will live up to the following:

  •         Responding to emergencies – First Aid Training
  •         Surveillance systems and security guards to keep strangers away
  •         Compliant with fire safety laws and have regular inspections
  •         Room access via key card meaning no visits from uninvited guests

If that all sounds right up your street then you may want to consider booking a hotel for your next holiday so that you can really relax the next time you go away.