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Give yourself a break in these 5 relaxing destinations to recharge your batteries

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There are many reasons to love traveling. For most of us, traveling allows you to take a break: it’s a way to break the routine of everyday life, stress, too many meetings and overloaded calendars.

Some countries and regions of the world are perfect for lowering stress and forcing you to slow down. These detox destinations allow you to find inner peace and to relax in depth. From the soothing murmur of the ocean to the ancient charm of a Buddhist temple, the countries that we recommend you will relax in no time the most agitated temperaments.

Immerse yourself in the perfumes and colors of India

Always moving and very inspiring, India is constantly offering new discoveries. The capital New Delhi will be a good starting point for a trip that will make you go in search of yourself. You will fall in love with this dynamic metropolis known for its many markets with fragrant spices and colorful silks.

To further reduce your stress level, dare the unique experience of the Thar Desert, which mesmerizes with its endless sand dunes. The magic of the desert has always helped us to become aware of our own finitude and to rethink our own being in an entirely new way.

End your trip to India with a visit to one of the holiest cities in the country, Varanasi. Climb the sunrise at the top of one of its temples to learn to focus on yourself, then make a boat trip to contemplate the pilgrims who will pray on the banks of the Ganges. Namaste!

Do one with the wild beauty of Nicaragua

Less known than its neighbor Costa Rica, Nicaragua is the ideal destination for those who want to both refocus and admire the beauty of the world. The wild landscapes of Nicaragua are perfect for hiking or photography. Just sit on the beach and let your eyes wander over steep cliffs and the peaceful sea: that’s what Nicaragua offers!

Because of its remoteness and tranquil atmosphere, the Costa Esmeralda is an ideal place for yoga, meditation or spa treatments that benefit both the body and the mind. You can also go on a kayak trip, take a hike to one of the many volcanoes that dot the coast and relax while fishing or surfing. If at night you still have energy, go to Playa Gigante, meeting place for surfers. You will have chances to make several meetings.

Breathe deeply and admire Bali

When we say Bali, we think of the beach, the statues of Buddhas and backpackers! But Bali is also a refuge for those who want to relax and who seek both spiritual and physical well-being. In Seminyak with its secluded places, local specialties and spa centers, you can rediscover yourself. Then Ubud direction where artists, art lovers and nature lovers rub shoulders, enjoying the beauty of the landscapes during hikes.

Visit Pura Lempuyang, the thousand-mile temple. Located on top of a mountain, it will offer you a unique view and a moment of exceptional contemplation. You can also enjoy a glass of coconut milk along the rice fields of Tegalalang, impressive terraces worthy of a postcard. Immerse yourself totally in Balinese life: do not you want to stay here forever?

In the Mayan ruins in Isla Mujeres

Not far from Cancún, Mexico, Isla Mujeres is a dream island where life is good. It is known for its beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise waters with changing reflections and friendly people. Isla Mujeres is also home to Mayan remains such as the Ixchel Temple, dedicated to the goddess of fertility and healing.

A week in Isla Mujeres will allow you to relax in depth, without ever getting bored. Your program? Yoga at sunrise, morning swim in the ocean, snorkel to admire the coral reefs or hike to the tip of Punta Sur Island, where there are ruins of Mayan temples on the cliff.

Because of its Caribbean beauty, the rich Mayan heritage it bears witness to and the serenity of its inhabitants, Isla Mujeres is a paradise for all those looking for tranquility, which you will surely find here!

Rest and nothing else on Sanibel Island in Florida

The multi-lane bridge that connects since 2007, via Fort Myers, the continent to the long and narrow island of Sanibel, does not disturb the absolute calm that prevails there. On this sunny island in the Gulf of Mexico, you will not see party people, old people’s colonies, or high-rises. According to the planning rules of the island, no house can exceed the height of the highest palm. A real treat for the eyes.

If you want to start the day pleasantly, go to the beach in the morning, when the light is still very soft: you can see mocking stilts, proud herons and pelicans at the funny pace! If you are lucky, you will see a small school of flying fish through the rolling waves. But the main activity on the Sanibel beach is undoubtedly the collection of shells. Fine and fretwork, they come in all sizes and shapes. If you are bent over, your back hurts, go to the spa of your hotel to pamper yourself. A moment of total relaxation and pure well-being.

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