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6 things you can do in Mumbai at night

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Mumbai is a popular tourist destination. Helped by frequent low cost flights direct to Mumbai, this city has become a tourist hot spot. This metro city has as much to offer after dusk as it has to offer after dawn. So, even if you happen to have an active nocturnal life, you can take heart from the fact that Mumbai’s nightlife is not going to let you down. So, what are the things you can do in this city after the sun is down?

Here is a list of some recommended activities:

i. Hit the bar:

If you are an alcoholic person, then the Mumbai bars will truly live up to your expectations. Unfortunately, the bar girls may be out owing to political pressure, but the quality of wine and beer is still very much there. Plus, if you are a sucker for ambience and décor, then bars like Aer, Dome, Aurus or Wink is where you should be going.

ii. Watch a movie:

There are many malls and multiplexes which run late night shows in the city. So, if you are in the mood to catch up with a new Bollywood flick or a Hollywood caper, then a couple’s seat with your loved one is what we would recommend. (Oh, and feel free to kiss. That is what Indian movie halls are made for) 

iii. Dance, dance, and dance:

If there is a Michael Jackson or a Hrithik Roshan hidden under you, then you can bring him out by strolling inside a dance club or pub. There are some fabulous night clubs in the city like the Ra, Royalty and Red Light. If we sit and make a list of tourist attractions in Mumbai, then many of these pubs would earn a place in our top 50.

iv. Eat:

There are some restaurants which are open till late hours. But what we recommend is that you check out some roadside eateries. Some famous stalls sell their reputed Bada Pav and Pav bhajis till the wee hours. You will keep licking your fingers till the time you get to bed that night. Yes, they are that good.

v. Watching live music:

Some of the clubs host their own music shows and performances which you can enjoy in the late hours. Places like Aurus, BlueFrog and Not Just Jazz by the Bay organize musical performances almost every night.

vi. Watching a cricket match:

In case a cricket match is on, you can also get inside a stadium. The t20 matches often run into midnight (and beyond) these days. However, beware, you may not be allowed inside the stadium if your name happens to be Shahrukh Khan!