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7 Ways to Escape the Heat in Florida

Given enough time, Florida’s heat can put anyone in a funk (in both the stinky and emotional senses of the word). These 7 ways to escape the heat in Florida the next time you take an excursion to the Sunshine State.

Go to the Movies

Image via Flickr by Sarah_Ackerman

Movie theaters always turn up the air conditioner on hot days. You get more than a ticket to see the latest releases. You get a cool refuge where you can relax with a stadium-sized bucket of popcorn and a 40 oz. soda.

Crank the AC

Image via Flickr by C Jill Reed

Turn up the air conditioner at home if you don’t want to spend money at the theater. If you stock up on snacks and movie rentals, then you can turn the lights down low and pretend you went to the movies.

Take a Drive

Image via Flickr by timo_w2s

If you start to feel stir-crazy at home, you might need to cool off with a strong rush of wind. No, don’t bother turning on your ceiling fan. You’ll just blow hot air around. Instead, get in your car, drive to the nearest and least-crowded highway, and push the legal speed limit with your windows rolled down. If you have a convertible, put on some sunscreen and let the wind cool you.

Go to the Beach!

Image via Flickr by heather0714

In Florida, you’re never that far from the ocean. Drive to the closest one, or take a road trip to a nicer location farther from home, and bath yourself in its salty goodness. Don’t stand still too long or your feet will start to smell like a pig roast. Just run as fast as you can to the water. It will save you.

Check Out a Hockey Game

Image via Flickr by sun dazed

You won’t find many places in Florida will cooler temperatures than a hockey rink. Get Florida Panthers tickets, preferably right up against the ice, and enjoy yourself while the athletes take a beating. Not a big hockey fan? You will be after feeling the cool air wafting off an ice rink. It’s like standing in front of an open refrigerator, except your food doesn’t slowly start to spoil as your electricity bill skyrockets.

Go Skydiving

Image via Flickr by Ryan Harvey

Plummeting towards the ground at 130 mph will kick up quite the cooling wind. If the wind doesn’t help, then the mind-blowing fear will make you forget about the heat. You might end up soaked in sweat, but not because of the sun’s rays. If you find your first jump invigorating and cooling, then practice will only help you beat the heat. Experienced skydivers can reach 200 mph!

Homemade Waterslide

Image via Flickr by sethoscope

Think back to when you were a kid. What did you do on days that got so hot you could barely move? You got up anyway and made a waterslide on the front lawn. Just because you’re not 8 anymore doesn’t mean you can’t cool off with an old-fashioned slip and slide. If a curmudgeonly neighbor complains, squirt him with the hose. After that, it won’t take five minutes before he’s lathering up with dish washing liquid to get a faster slide.

What creative ways have you beat the heat in Florida and other hot states?

Miles Young is a freelance travel writer who specializes in all things outdoors. Whether it's biking, vacations, cruising or just exploring the city, Miles has done it all. When he's not out conquering the world he's geeking out on tech or writing for established companies like Copy For Bylines.