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Are You Interested to Try Different Foods During Your Next Visit to Vancouver?

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If you are a real foodie then Vancouver is the city that you should never miss during your next trip to Canada. According to “Conde Nast Traveler” and another Wine magazine, Vancouver has been selected as the best city for foodies in the whole world.

If you are interested in making a food tour Vancouver, then read further. You will get plenty of information regarding various places where you can get a variety of foods.

If you are fond of chocolate then one of the best ways would be to visit Vancouver Hot Chocolate festival which is held every year. There are about sixty different flavors of hot chocolate you can find in this festival. This festival generally organized during mid-January and continues till Valentine’s Day.

There is another wine festival takes place during end February where you can get Canada’s premier drinks and foods. Those who are fond of tea may visit Fairmont Hotel to get the taste of best English tea. They also serve high tea along with vegetarian and gluten free foods.

If you want to enjoy the Valentine day with your girl friend then visit Raw Canvas where you can get choicest and delicious handcrafted foods along with drinks according to your mood.

In order to taste the delicious gems of Vancouver you must book a walking tour where you will be guided to some of the lesser known places of the city where a number of eating joints are operating. There are few oldest locations in Vancouver where you will get many different varieties of ethnic Italian, Chinese and other south Asian foods. Are you vegetarian? There is no issue in Vancouver for vegetarians too. You too can find plenty of foods to match your taste and choices.

You may also consider visiting Rail Town Urban Eats where you can get ten different samples of foods and beverages and wine.