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Italy for some Stunning Skiing in 2014

With the winter Olympics well underway in Sochi, Russia people all over are falling in love with winter sports again.  A great way to enjoy the winter is with a magnificent group Ski Holiday from RocketSki.  Italy has many wonderful ski resorts to choose from in Andalo, Claviere, Folgarida, and Canazei.  Safety is of the utmost importance in Italy which …Continue reading →

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Enjoy Relaxation Spa Health Benefits

There is nothing better than a spa day with your friends. The only thing that you have to focus on is not focusing on anything at all. For one day, you will trade in your cell phone, screaming kids and responsibilities at work for a massage, yoga class and sometime in the sauna. While it may not be possible to …Continue reading →

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5 Amazing Sunglass Looks for Your Next Summer Destinations

When you’re headed out this summer, you can’t forget the sunscreen, but sunglasses are also a necessary fashion and safety measure. Whether you’re tripping along the beach sands or just jetting around Europe, what you wear on your face will often define your pictures and memories. Sunglasses say so much about a person’s personality; be sure to click here for …Continue reading →


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Make a Memorable Trip to Japan

Japan is one from among many beautiful and amazing places on the earth. The country has been a marvelous combination of old tradition and modern culture.  With tech developed and high rise buildings also exists the old temples, shrines and palaces. You will be surprised to see their advancement in the field of technology and science, their up to date …Continue reading →

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The Unique Packages that Modern Chauffeur Tours Offer

Chauffeur services in the UK are getting better and better. Whether someone is visiting the country to experience its uniqueness and history for the first time or making a return trip, there are chauffeur touring programmes that have been tailored to ensure visitors get the most out of their English tour. Modern chauffeur service providers are experts in the planning …Continue reading →

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Why Choose The Channel Islands?

Although they are far closer to France than they are to the British mainland, the Channel Islands are officially ‘British Crown Dependencies’ and have a unique place in the history of the UK.   The collection of islands in the English Channel are not actually part of the United Kingdom and this gives them an identity and status all of …Continue reading →


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The Best Resorts in Lanzarote

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa, Lanzarote has become one of the top touristic attractions of Europe not only because of its sandy beaches but also because of its dramatic landscape. This Spanish island belongs to the Canary Islands and is the fourth as size and the easternmost of these islands. This beautiful vacation spot is …Continue reading →

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West Hollywood Legends: The Roxy

When visiting the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, one absolute must-see would be The Roxy. Opened in 1973, The Roxy has been around for nearly the entire history of the clubbing scene. One of the most historic nightclubs ever opened, The Roxy boasts a history of some of the biggest acts to ever take the stage. While there are far …Continue reading →

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Tips for First Time Renters in Chicago

So you’re striking out on your own in Chicago and renting that first apartment. It’s certainly an exciting prospect, as “The Windy City” is the metropolitan hub of the mid-west, filled with culture and excitement on seemingly every corner. Young or old, first-time renters in the Chicago area are in for a treat, as the city gives much to its …Continue reading →

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History and culture of Zakynthos Island

The island of Zakynthos has a long and varied history, having been under the control of many foreign states over the centuries. This mixed history has added greatly to the culture of the island though it has remained predominantly a Greek cultural entity throughout. Ancient Zakynthos Archaeological evidence has reviled that Zakynthos Island has been home to people since the …Continue reading →

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