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Basic Tips For Beginners In Portrait Photography

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Six Portrait Photography Tips for Beginners | Fstoppers

Portrait photography is one of the most popular genres in photography. It is not only a question of ability, but among other things, photographers must be able to direct the model into the correct pose and keep it happy. Anyone interested in portrait photography would like to take beautiful pictures – but the main thing is to portray a person in an extraordinary light. In the following post, there are some tips on what to look for at the beginning.

General Photography Tips

For beginners, it is recommended: start outdoors. Taking pictures in the apartment is particularly tricky because the artificial light often casts unfavorable shadows. If you want to take decent indoor photos, you need not only good equipment, but also a certain amount of know-how. It is, therefore, best to start by looking for a beautiful spot outdoors and trying simple objects there. This could be plants or walls.

Relaxed And Pleasant Atmosphere

If you are not yet familiar with the model, you should take the time to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Entertain yourself, let the music play and try to take away the fear of the camera from the model. If both parties feel comfortable, this creates the basis for the most original recordings possible.

If you are working with an inexperienced model, you should not rush into anything, but first work with simple poses. You can work towards the desired pose step by step. For example, giving children something to help them keep them busy can help. It is essential that your counterpart feels comfortable during the shoot.


Once the photo session is over, it’s time for a little editing – because that’s the only way to get the best out of the pictures. However, the motto is: Do not overdo it and only make minor cosmetic corrections. The model should still be recognizable in the picture. Those who edit too obviously will ridicule their photos – and the model would certainly not like that.

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