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In Bordeaux, wine is a serious matter. Not that elsewhere it isn’t, but here on the Garonne’s bank it is taken damn seriously,also because in the world Bordeaux is synonymous with wine quality, at least as a shared imaginary (not in Italy, of course). What is really the best is to see.

But ask a Chinese or an average American in the name of a wine and the only one who will tell you is Bordeaux. Strengthened by this certainty in the French city, they decided to make things big and in June 2016 they inaugurated La Cité du Vin, the City of Wine: a museum dedicated to the world of wine. In all the information are there regarding the visa. These are the essential options that you can go for.

A Mega Project

It took seven years between design, development and construction. Almost one hundred million euros was there to complete it. More than a museum, the Cité du Vin looks like a large theme park dedicated to wine. In addition to the exhibition halls there are in fact a 250-seat auditorium, a two-story wine bar, a restaurant, a tapas bar and a simulator that brings to life the experience of a sea voyage by a French wine merchant to conquer the world markets. In total 3000 square meters and 19 thematic spaces.

There is a shop that sells wines from 80 countries around the world . And above all there is a kind of chair on which to sit to recover from the hangover (hopefully virtual): once you sit down you listen to famous songs dedicated to the hangover. And if you don’t know French? No problem, at the entrance – included in the ticket – an audio guide is provided in six languages which recites the song in Italian.

The Architecture Of The Cité Du Vin

The building of the City of Wine from outside is strange, though beautiful. It looks like a decanter, but also a glass cobra. Although it does not resemble anything defined by deliberate choice of Anouk Legendre and Nicolas Desmazières, the two architects who designed this ten-story museum.

“It doesn’t look like any recognizable form because it wants to be an evocation of the soul of the wine that is halfway between the river and this city”, the ArchDaily website explained. So it can resemble both a wine that falls into a glass, and the curves of a bunch and the waves of the Garonne.

The Guggenheim Of Wine

The ambition is to make the Cité du Vin the largest cultural center dedicated to wine in the world, a kind of Guggenheim for glass lovers. Each year the Cité du Vin offers two large temporary exhibitions and a varied cultural program: meetings, shows, debates, screenings. To preside over everything, a foundation with the task of enhancing and preserving the tradition of wine – the Foundation pour la culture et les civilizations du vin – which administers and manages the complex thanks to admission tickets but also thanks to private donations.