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Cheap Hajj Packages and Preparation Guide

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I congratulate all of those that are preparing their journey to the House of Allah and His beloved Prophet (S.A.W). Like you, many other people are preparing for this holy journey of hajj in 2017. While preparing for your travel, there are many of the important things that you must keep in your mind so that you may not face any difficulty in the complete hajj. I suggest you to read them and refer them to the others so that maximum people might be benefited.

Visa and Passport

The most essential and important document of the hajj is your passport and visa. A devotee must have a passport with the least six months from the date of visit. You must have a visa of the country you are willing to visit, that means you must have Saudi Arab’s visa. Different countries of the world have different criteria for the issuance of visa. If you apply for the visa of Saudi Arabia, you will have to provide following documents to get Saudi visa.

  • Computerized valid passport
  • The certificate of required vaccines mentioned in visa guide
  • If you are traveling with your wife, you will have to provide the marriage certificate along with your other required documents to clarify your relationships.
  • You need to provide the birth certificate your children, if they are traveling with you in the hajj travel.
  • If your name is not like common Islamic names, you will have to provide the certificate of local Islamic center verifying your name. In the absence of this certificate, you will be refused to visit Saudi Arabia for hajj.
  • You will have to provide the check, money order or bank draft to ensure the expenses for the entrance in the country.
  • The ladies cannot travel to Saudi Arabia without their Mehram and in the case they are not traveling with any of her legal emhram, she must have to provide a certificate from local Islamic center to the Saudi government for the confirmation of their legal and allowed relationship.
  • You are asked to keep the copy of your passport every time in your pocket as identification. The green card holder community is also asked to keep this document with them along with the copy of their green card to identify them.

Along with submitting all of these legal documents to Saudi government, I suggest to find a travel agency that offer you the online cheap hajj packages for your travel. Many of the packages are available in the different companies to assist the devotees of Allah that can suit their needs and budget. There are many things that you need to consider while choosing a best travel agency for your travel. The hospital and medical expenses are not included in the packages and the Saudi government also doesn’t take the responsibility of these expenses as a part of their obligation. You have to pay these expenses from your own pocket, there design your budget in the way that you would not be able to face any financial difficulties during hajj.