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CLIMB KILIMANJARO -The Highest Free-Standing Mountain

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What is it like to climb Kilimanjaro; the highest free-standing mountain in the world, the highest peak in Africa with 5895m height above sea level. Have you always loved trekking?  Then this article is for you.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in the whole world. Avid trekkers love to trek all their way up to this mountain. The most amazing thing about this trek is that it is non-technical. Anyone can trek their way up to this mountain and it is up to you how many people you decide to climb the mountain with. It is said that anyone can climb Kilimanjaro because it is more like a walk. While you walk slowly up to the mountain, you experience a lot of greenery and appreciate the altitude of the mountain. The local guides advise you to walk slowly as the climb must not be underestimated by anyone. It is high and it takes a lot of your time and energy to reach right up to the peak of Kilimanjaro.

Being physically fit isn’t really going to help you climb the top of this mountain; it is mostly your will power and your confidence which will lead you to the top. While being physically fit just adds to your will power and confidence as a bonus. You have to keep on convincing yourself that you will make it to the top. Endurance is important for any traveller. You really need to take extensive training before starting the climb Kilimanjaro summit. Safarihub provides you with the best guides and packages to climbing the Mightiest Mountain in the whole world. While you are climbing up, it is for sure going to take a lot of physical efforts as well as mental efforts to make yourself to climb all the way up to the mountain.

You need to learn how to retrieve your oxygen levels in the body. After some thousand metres above sea level, the oxygen in the air starts to decrease that that is why you will need to retrieve the oxygen levels in your body. If you want to train your body for oxygen retrieve, you must practice swimming. Swimming is one physical activity which can do the needful. Needless to say, the mountain is difficult to climb and you need to keep a licensed guide with you to climb up with you to the top. You are accompanied by cooks, porters, guides on your way to the climb and they help you by cooking for you and entertaining you while you’re on your way up. You might need to pay tips to them but it is absolutely worth it.

So book your flights to Tanzania and get ready to climb Kilimanjaro.

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