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Collection Of The Rental Car: How It Works

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If you have already rented a rental car, you will know that it is not always easy to find the rental offices. Although many rental companies have a pick-up location at the airport, this does not mean that they all have their counter inside the airport, or that to get to the rental offices of the company you must go to a counter. Do not worry! Here we explain where to go to pick up the rental car at an airport. So that next time is prepared for any eventuality.

Know What The Contracted Company Is

You can see the name of the hired rental company like the Cancun Car Rental by City Car Rental both during the entire online booking process. As well as at the top of your booking voucher in the boxes of Information about the collection and Information about the return. You should go to the rental company counter that appears on the voucher. 

Collection In Offices Outside The Airport

This option involves taking a means of transport from the passenger terminal and moving to the rental offices located outside the airport. To know where to do the transfer service, you should consult the Terms and Conditions of the booking voucher. Either during the online booking process or once the booking bonus has been received.

The Cancun Airport Transportation by eTransfers uses the “Meet and greet” service to receive you upon arrival at the airport and show you where the transfer service stop is. You will generally find instructions on where to find the stop by yourself on your booking voucher. Many times, at the same airport, it is indicated where the transfer service stop is. Larger rental companies usually have their buses to transfer customers to their offices. Other times companies have vans that must be called to be picked up.

If you have trouble finding the rental company counter, you will find two telephone numbers on the booking voucher. The first is the telephone number of the rental office. You will find it in the “Collection information” box. The second is the particular company or services you have in mind and the number corresponding to the country in which it is located. This is sometimes a blue book, under the particular service logo, located in the upper left or upper left (depending on type of service) of the booking voucher.