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Everything you need to know about Windsurfing?

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Windsurfing is a kind of sailing where a surfboard is powered throughout the water with the wind. This sport of windsurfing utilises the wind to move forward however the sport of surfing utilises the force of waves. This implies you can practice this game anywhere in a huge water body, for example lakes, estuaries, rivers, and, the open oceans of course. At one point of time, Windsurfing was known as “surfing’s ginger haired cousin”. This name was given to it by the windsurfing legend Robby Naish. During the 1980s, this game grew popularity hugely and it was known that almost two in every five households in European nations had this windsurf board.

Though this sport does looks and appears like surfing, it is however more closely related to sailing. The windsurfers call themselves as sailors and the rules of this sport are quite similar to rules of sailing racing. There are number of different disciplines reliant on which facet of the game you enjoy. For example, there are big-wave style to freestyle to course racing to slalom racing. You can get more information on windsurf shop as well.

The most enticing and attractive feature of this sport includes that it can be enjoyed at any given age. Also, at any level of the game. This game also involves few injuries relatively as compared to those which take place on surfaces such as hard snow or concrete. A number of windsurfers carry on sailing into their retirement age as well.



What windsurfing gear do you need?

Deciding on the correct windsurf board is vital when learning how to windsurf. It is however always recommended to go with a stable, large board which has a lot of buoyancy when you are just starting out since it will assist you to learn to create your balance on water. This would also help you in avoiding falling every two seconds.

Apart from the board which you can get from windsurf shop, you would also need to get a mast, sail and boom. When you are learning this sport, try smaller sails as they are best since you would need to pull the sail out of the water in order to get going. Also, for a learner, bigger sails are heavier and thus harder to control. But once you have acquired the basics, you can surely try on a bigger rig.

Have a few lessons done and then commit on buying yourself a windsurf board from the windsurf shop along with sail, mast and boom. It can surely be a pricey investment, but it is all worth it.