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Experiencing the Best Place to Stay By Booking the Best Unique Jakarta Hotels

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Visiting Jakarta to see its uniqueness for your tourism visit will be the right plan to do. You can choose the best time to visit and prepare all the things including the best unique Jakarta hotels to book. In the best unique hotel, you will not only experience the vacation in some tourism spots but also the relaxing experience in the hotel. Moreover, you can choose the hotel that suits your needs. You can get the right hotel starting from the one with 3 stars, 4 stars and even 5 stars. It depends on you who will choose the hotel especially when you are in good vacation with the family. Only a suggestion, you can choose the best one with family service so that everyone will get the proper service.

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In these following explanations, you can decide which hotel suits your preferences. You can book it from now even after planning the visit to Jakarta with your family.


  1. Avissa suite is one of the 3 stars hotels that can be your choice. This hotel is ideal to choose especially because it has great restaurant with the great taste of foods. It is also the friendly place for you doing your visit in Jakarta and stay for few days. The Wi-Fi connection in this hotel is also great even in the public area. You can also get the right facilities, including laundry and sport spot for your daily activities during the vacation.
  2. The Golden Boutique Hotel Melawai is also good hotel for you. It is included into the best unique Jakarta hotels for tourism since the hotel is also connected to the transportation service. It might be easy for you to get the tour around Jakarta if you stay in this hotel. You will easily go to the airport from this hotel. Therefore, it is the ideal hotel to choose.
  3. The next hotel might give you more pleasure. It is Grandkemang hotel. This hotel is friendly in service and providing more facilities in sport. If you like to do gym, this hotel is able to give you fitness center. If you like to go swimming, the large pool is provided in this hotel. You will find the complimentary breakfast every morning you stay in this hotel. Therefore, many visitors love to find this hotel even though it is 4 stars hotel.
  4. If you want to get the modern atmosphere of hotel building, Kemang icon is the right hotel to go. This place can satisfy you with all the things are provided in the hotel. You can get the best food in its restaurant and grab your drinks in its bar. The outdoor swimming pool with luxurious theme is also available there. If you think it is the hotel which you and your family are looking for, so you can book it from now.

So, choosing the best unique Jakarta hotels for vacation will not be hard. When you arrive in Jakarta, you can easily find the best place to stay. You can get the one which covers you need for sure.