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Explore Italy by Experiencing their Colorful Traditions on the Way

It is known to all that Italy is among the most privileged tourist destinations across the globe. For some travelers, it is the place of rich arts and delicacies; while for a few, it is the destiny of natural inspirers and fashion. So, there are several reasons that make this destination a perfect place to fly to at any time. Most people find Italy to be the ideal place to explore museums and art forms. However, what they do not know is that the country is much richer with its cultural heritage that is more intriguing due to its twisting history. This becomes more evident when you as a tourist spend time in participating in their vivid celebrations each year apart from exploring the museums.

For those who do not know, Italians are really serious when it comes celebrate festivals. This is the reason why it is treated as one of the most vibrant destinations with its unique customs of festivals and traditions. Most of the festivals celebrated today have evolved from the Italian culture via different means but some originally belong to different cultures. So, this time when you plan for your holidays in Italy, consider being a part of their annual holiday celebrations to really know what the country is all about. Here are some few traditional festivals that are worth participating for making your trip a really memorable one.

Carnevale Ogni Scherzo Vale

This is one of the most popular festivals, which is celebrated on a large scale in Venice although you can enjoy it any part of the country. Starting 40 days before Easter and ending on Fat Tuesday, this festive time marks abstinence from all sinful pleasures, right from speaking dirty words to eating meat. ‘Carne Vale’ is the Latin name that means ‘farewell to meat’. So, it is the lent time that involves depriving of certain foods. It is also a time of enjoying vivid masked parades and masquerade balls, music, and partying. You also get to taste delicious small cakes called Chiacchere without which the carnival is incomplete.

Valentine’s Day

Did you know that this festival was actually the tradition of old Rome? Well, this means that celebrating this day of love cannot be exciting anywhere else, except in Rome. Interestingly, instead of preferring romance, the Italians prefer to celebrate this day by making different types of special delicacies. Despite this, this day is worth spending in Italy where the unique spicy flavors easily overtake the romantic zest in today’s Valentine celebrations.

The Venice Carnival

This one is the most peculiar festivals that you can explore and enjoy in Italy during the Lent time. Featuring masquerade parties, the carnival is regarded as one of the biggest European festivals. However, the main attraction of this festival is the variety of masks that you can wear and see, such as whole-face mask called Bauta, golden half-mask named Columbina, the bizarre long-beak mask known as Medico della Peste, and strapless oval mask for patrician women called Moretta. A vital event for you to enjoy is the best mask contest that occurs during the festival’s last weekend wherein a jury of global fashion designers votes for choosing the best mask.

April Fool

If you really want to know how to fool others as well as get fooled amidst the public just for fun, it is worth considering being in Italy on or around first of April. However, you need to be a bit careful because this ridiculous custom holds a significant place in Italian culture due to which the public tries to make fool at anytime and anywhere. However, it is truly fun to experience it!

Bio: Peter McGuire is a writer by profession but loves to travel to different places during festive seasons. He recommends enjoying festive holidays in Italy because of the diverse customs and vivid ambiance. His next holiday trip will be at the time of Thanksgiving in Italy.


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