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Explore the City of Mykonos

The city of Mykonos is a great place to visit with many attractions that will keep any visitor interested and wanting to return. It is full of whitewashed, flat roofed buildings and bars that offer up views of the Aegean Sea that are quite simply spectacular. For those who like to shop, Mykonos will not disappoint whether you are looking for a bargain or high quality goods. The cultural attractions are plentiful, as would be expected from a Greek island, and there are several museums to visit that history buffs will love.


Little Venice


Little Venice is a great place to go to shop, eat and of course drink. The two and three story medieval buildings with colourful balconies make the place timeless and many of the bars overlook the Sea. By day the views are spectacular and at sunset, you will be amazed at the sheer beauty.  As you walk along the streets you will come across all manner of shops including local boutiques that are perfect for getting gifts for those at home. While there, you can also treat yourself as the town is famed for the vast variety of jewellery sold there.


The Windmills


A short walk from Little Venice are a group of Windmills that, in the 1500s, provided grain and wheat to the island for the locals and for export. This is another place where you should watch the sunset at least once as the views are breath-taking. You can also visit a fully functional windmill, known as Boni Mill, that shows exactly how work was done there hundreds of years ago.


Mykonos Museums


Mykonos is home to several museums that are full of artefacts from the area’s past. Near the windmills is the Agricultural Museum which is chocked full of agricultural tools used throughout the history of the island.


The Folklore Museum is housed in an 18th century sea captains house and shows of collections of furniture, costumes and musical instruments, amongst other things. Another branch of the Folklore Museum is known as Lena’s House and is situated in the centre of Mykonos Town. The museum itself is an exact replica of a middle classed home from the 19th century complete with all the furniture and fixtures as they would have been a century or more ago.


Next to Lena’s House is the Aegean Maritime Museum which is home to all things nautical from the island. While all are worth a visit, for history buffs the most important to see would be the Archaeology Museum that is home to a large number of artefacts from the nearby island of Delos.


The island has a long running archaeological project which has unearthed thousands of goods ranging from the prehistoric to the 1st century BC. The Archaeological Museum is a good place to go before visiting Delos itself to see the ruins on this once important religious and political centre.

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