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Is Trekking In Nepal Without A Guide A Good Idea

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You know that there are plenty of picturesque mountains in Nepal and especially the mighty Mount Everest, for which Nepal is very well known for. From all over the world, a lot of people travels to Nepal so that they can also capture the glimpse of beautiful and tallest peak in the world. Along with the Mount Everest, you can get an opportunity to explore the small fraction of other mountains for short treks as well together with the unique teahouses, monasteries etc. The trekking lovers want to explore the magnificent ‘Himalayas’ which is the spine of Nepal and it truly changes the way how you look at Nepal before. 

Adventurous trekking can let you explore the country on two feet and you can get the chance to visit extremely diverse areas of the country from lush green forests to desolate peaks. You must put on the comprehensive guide which can help you in exploring so many options and can get you to see something amazing on your way!

With or Without a Guide to Trek in Nepal 

In Nepal, you can go for trek either with a guide or without it and there are both good and bad things about both the options. When you trek, there is no requirement to opt for a guide but there are certain regions which are dangerous and remote in comparison to other parts of the country. It is advised you should not trek beyond some limitations and if you are opting a guide even for a short trek then it is best that you stick to trekking trails only which are popular.

Hiring a guide even for short treks in Nepal can open you the opportunity to explore the trails that you might not be able to as they are restricted by the government of the country. With the guide, you will learn more about the people and culture of the country especially mountains from where most guides come from.