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James Bond Island Tour: Everything That You Need To Know

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Featuring in the 1974 super hit James Bond movie named The Man with the Golden Gun Ko Khao Phing Kan (now called as James Bond Island) is firmly on the Thailand traveller trail. While the island’s expanded prevalence made a higher danger of contamination and water crafts are presently prohibited from moving toward the enormous limestone islet known as Ko Tapu, the James Bond island tour offers opportunities for kayaking, swimming, and sightseeing in the surrounding area.

The Basics

  • James Bond Island is situated in Phang Nga Bay, North East of Phuket.
  • About 130 kilometres from Ko Khao Phing Kan stands at 66 feet tall islet known as Khao Tapu or Ko Tapu. This tall islet, made of hard limestone, is a part of the famous Ao Phang Nga National Park.
  • The rock pinnacle with its distinguishing style of broad at the top and narrow to the bottom is an example of Mother Nature’s Work at its best. Due to its distinctive but precarious shape boats are not allowed too close to the island.
  • The boats (vessels) and also a little shoreline Koh Ping Ghan are the best places from which to see James Bond Island.
  • Koh Ping Ghan also has some natural’s wonders to offer excited visitors. There is a high inclining rock, inside which one can investigate caves. Furthermore it likewise has numerous stalls from where shopping lovers can purchase some souvenirs.

How to Get to James Bond Island

Due to the protected nature of the national park, visiting the James bond islands independently is impossible, unless you have (1) a permit and (2) a personal boat. There are a number of tours to the area, however, the vast majority of which depart from the marinas in Phuket and Krabi Noi. If you’re planning to travel from northern Thailand save your time by taking a tour from Phang Nga town.