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Keeping Your Kids Entertained in the Cayman Islands – Seven Activities They Are Sure to Enjoy

If you are planning a trip to the Cayman Islands with your family, whether on holiday or to emigrate, it is vitally important that you check out the range of activities that are suitable for kids.  Younger children especially can tire easily and when they are bored they can become a bit of a nightmare to deal with.  So without further ado let’s take a look at seven great activities that all children are sure to enjoy.

Snuba Diving

This water sport combines the best of snorkelling and diving to give kids a diving experience without the bulky equipment and extensive training.  It allows divers to go to a depth of 6 meters by breathing air from the surface through a hose.  Its simplicity and safety makes it a great activity for kids 8 years and older.  There is also a program for children as young as age 4, Snuba-Doo.  Professional Snuba guides take divers along pre-defined routes, following above in a specially designed raft.  Divers can also choose to take a ship wreck dive, and swim over a ship wreck and stop at places of interest with their guide.

Turtle Farm

This is one of Cayman’s most visited attractions.  Kids get to see green sea turtles at every stage of life, from eggs to adults.  Turtle Lagoon allows children to swim with small green sea turtles and other marine life.  Green’s Breeding Pond is home to mature green sea turtles that are ready to begin using the enclosed beach front nesting sites.  The Turtle Touch Tanks attract kids of any age, as they can touch and pick up small sea turtles.  Other exhibits include a saltwater crocodile, exotic Caribbean birds, and tanks full of sharks and barracudas!

Stingray City

Accompanied by one of the many local operators, kids and adults will be able to snorkel just offshore with the stingrays and after just a short boat ride you will find your family among groups of stingrays.  Located in the northwest corner of North Sound, the natural channel allows stingrays to swim in and associate with people.  The large stingrays are accustomed to humans and being fed, and will often brush against swimmers.  About 30 stingrays frequent the area, ranging in size from one to six feet across.  If your child is not a swimmer, they can enjoy the shallow sandbar instead.

Jolly Roger Pirate Ship

An authentic replica of Christopher Columbus’ 17th century Galleon Nina, this cruise is a great experience for children that want to experience the pirate’s life.  The talented crew of pirates re-enacts typical pirate activities including sword fights and attacks on cruise ships.  The tour includes a swim stop, so bring your swimsuits and snorkel gear!  For the adults, there is complimentary Rum Punch; kids are offered a rum-less version.  It’s a wonderful boat ride along Seven Mile Beach with plenty of entertainment for the kids.

Butterfly Farm

This attraction is especially great for the younger kids.  Guides are available to show you around the farm, or you can wander on your own helping your kids to learn everything about the life cycle of a butterfly.  There are many species of butterflies and moths at this farm, including the world’s largest moth with a wingspan of 36 centimetres and your ticket is good for your entire stay, making this good value for families.  Smyles, a kid’s indoor playground, is next door to the farm; they provide safe, supervised fun for kids, and you can leave them for an hour to have some adult time.

Atlantis Submarine

For those that would like to experience an underwater adventure without getting wet, the Atlantis Submarine takes you on a 50 minute trip to a depth of 30 meters.  There are individual portholes for each passenger, and the pilot announces some of the attractions during the journey through the sea.  Kids will delight in seeing the coral canyons and tropical sea life as if they were a fish in the water themselves!  For those that would rather stay above the water, semi-submerged submarines and other boat tours are available.

Your kids will love these activities so much that you will be looking to purchase Cayman Island land before you know it!


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  • Mike Conrad says:

    I wish to visit the wonder of the Atlantis Submarine this time when I visit with my kids as this is something that will make them feel the thrill. This is simply great and will be there in their hearts forever. Cayman Auto companies will obviously take our booking a week in advance, I hope, if not then guide us as to the right time please.