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Lisa Dudzik Perth – Traveling Tips for Solo Women Travelers in Australia

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If you are a solo woman traveler, it is obvious that you should always focus on your safety when you roam around in a new country. When it comes to Australia, the nation is safe; however, you still have to be informed about the places you visit and keep emergency contact numbers handy. Lisa Dudzik is an avid traveler who is fond of visiting different places in the world. She says that if you are a woman traveler and going on a solo trip for the first time, keep the following tips in mind-

Lisa Dudzik Perth- Tips for women solo travelers 

Lisa Dudzik Perth says that when you are traveling to Australia, make a list of the places you plan to visit. Visit travel AU websites to research about Australia and its climate. Australia has a sunny climate, and it is very hot. So, make sure you carry a strong sunscreen with you. The place is casual, so you do not have to come dressed in formals.

Never trust anyone too quickly when you are on the move

Being a woman sometimes is not easy so be careful and do not trust anyone too fast. Be cautious of over-friendly people. Trust your gut before you proceed to become friendly and close.

Make sure you do not drink too much of alcohol

When you are in Australia, make sure you do not drink too much alcohol that will make you pass out. Control your drinking and confine it in a safe place so that you do not run into trouble later. Many people take advantage of solo women travelers so be prudent and make sure that you watch the number of drinks you take.

Keep your valuables very safe

You will be traveling with valuables so make sure they are safe and under lock and key. Keep them in lockers in the hotel and make sure you travel with what you need. When you are in transit, make sure that the valuables you take are with you.

Blend in naturally

As a woman traveler, ensure you blend in naturally with the environment. Do not rush into making friends. There are many solo women travelers like you so with time you will come across like-minded people and make new friends.

Keep maps with you and always refer to them when you are visiting a new place. You can use Google Maps to find places you wish to visit and get directions to go there too safely. Remember, spend a little extra when it comes to staying safe.

Lisa Dudzik Perth says that never keep your documents in one place. Carry photocopies with you and keep them in many places. The original documents should be placed in a safe so that you do not lose them. In case of any kind of emergency keep numbers of the police handy. In short, you should know what to do when you are traveling to Australia for the first time.