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Morocco – Exudes Charm and Elegance

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If you are a first time visitor of this North African Country, you can’t help but be fascinated because this is a place where the past and the present is existing side by side. This is the meeting point of Africa and Europe, an enticing point, you can say of east and west. This is where you will get to see the unspoilt nature’s coastlines, mountains, desert routes and more. Just like most of the cities in Europe, Morocco is a place where everyone can find what they are looking for in their well-deserved vacation.

However, if you are a woman and this is the first time for you to check out Morocco, an excellent place to visit, these tips should be useful.

  1. This might not be the safest place for a woman to travel alone, but this city is no different from other cities. The issues you might possibly deal here are just like the issues you will have to deal in other cities. In fact, a lot of women have been in Morocco thus just be your usual cautious self when travelling in this enticing city.Image result for Morocco
  1. Be cautious just like when you are in any city. Some of the things you should not do alone are:
  • Walking alone at night
  • Carrying large of money
  • Be friendly to strangers and hoping for the best right away
  • Drinking alone

As you can see, these precautions are actually a must wherever you go. So just be plainly careful.

  1. Smile only when you must. This does not mean you will have to be frowning all the time when in Morocco. But note that smiling to the male species here in this city is like asking them to further your acquaintance. They might take you for this.
  1. As much as possible, don’t be drawn to their endless comments. Yes, flattering comments will be abundant in this city as just like the smiles, they can be doors for something when the comments come from guys. It will be better for you to just ignore them.

Morocco might be a place where you will get to see everything, but one should be cautious especially if you are a woman travelling alone. Just like in any city, there are also thugs in Morocco and you surely don’t want to get their attention.