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Oman Tourist Places: The Best Ones For You To Check

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After waiting for quite a long time, finally you got the opportunity to visit Oman, also known as Arabia’s Jewel.  This fascinating country is located right on the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula and it is often termed to be a mysterious nation. So, the next time you are planning to make a trip over here to unleash the mysteries it holds, make sure to create a list of Oman tourist places first. This will help you big time, as well.

  • RasMusandam peninsula: This is a part of the Peninsula separated from the rest. It is known for its amazing and breathtaking fjords of mountains and water of beautiful blue shade.
  • Khasab Fortress: This happens to be another interesting tourist spot, which you should mark in your list of places to see over here in Oman. To visit this fortress, you might have to take help of the fastest ferry boat in world, which is connecting to Capital Muscat. Later this fortress was rebuilt and now it looks absolutely stunning.
  • Muscat: If you are in Oman, you have to take few days off for a tip to Muscat. This is the capital of Oman and known for its historical approach. The buildings over here have influence of the Eastern African wooden balcony with seafront fortresses. IT is a perfect destination if you are trying to relax your mind and calm your nerves.
  • Masirah Island: It is often termed to be a deserted and isolation destination, which has a mysterious era to it. If you want to visit a place away from the hustle and bustle of crowd and a place, which hardly anyone is aware of, this island is what you should be eyeing for.

So, make sure to check these names in your list of Oman tourist places right now.