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Riau Islands: The Stunning Gate of Indonesia with Hidden Wonders

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Directly bordered to several neighboring states like Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, and Vietnam, Riau islands is a favorite entrance and exit gate of Indonesia, especially with Singapore.

The two main islands in this state are Batam and Bintan, in which both have their unique charm. Batam is more famous for its appeals while Bintan counts on its beautiful natural landscape. As one of the outermost region in Indonesia, Riau islands is an excellent gateway for tourists to go into Indonesia.

The islands are perfect for tourists with their beautiful beaches, beautiful diving areas, some unearthly scenery, abundant shopping malls, ease of accessibility, and a lot more. In term of tourism, Riau Islands has the most rapid development in contrast to a lot of places in Indonesia.

– Nongsa Marina, a Great Gate for Sailors

The Government has abolished the Clearance and Approval for Indonesian Territory (CAIT) policies, which makes it easy for foreign yacht and ships to enter Indonesia via Nongsa. Foreign vessels may register and get a permit to get into Indonesian water online.

Similarly, getting from Indonesia is also accessible in Nongsa. They only need to earn a note 24 hours before their desired time. The bureaucratic procedure in Nongsa is cut to a minimum to make the most of traffic, which makes it a high gate for Indonesia.

– Large tourism complicated in Lagoi

Lagoi Beach is located on the northern part of Bintan Island. This beautiful area has been developed into an integrated tourism area. There are plenty of attraction places in Lagoi. You can choose to enjoy your day relaxing on the beach or performing intense watersports at Bintan Wake Park. If you’ve got the guts, then you may even enjoy the scenery from over with Air Adventure Flying Club.

– Unearthly Lakes and Desert at Bintan

There’s a unique view in the western part of Bintan Island. There is a dune that looks strangely like dunes in African deserts, but you can also see lush green vegetation in the distance. Locals call it Busung Desert, and it is not an ordinary dune. Busung Desert has bauxite mine in the area. In the southern part of the city, the bauxite mine produced a superb blue lake with snowy hills surrounding it.

– World Class Golf Course in Batam

As a free trade zone, Batam brings many foreign investments. Because of this, many company executive expats are residing on this island. Many prefer talking business while enjoying a game of golf. That is why there are plenty of golf courses being built on this island. On the eastern shore of Bintan, there is a stretch of white sandy beach named Trikora Beach. This beach is so long that they have to divide it into four components.

Festival Bahari Kepri

There are many festivals held in the Riau Islands. Among them, there are Palm Springs Golf & Beach Resort, Tering Bay Golf & Country Club, Southlinks Country Club, Batam Hills Golf Resort, Padang Golf Sukajadi, Indah Puri Golf Resort, and Tamarin Santana Golf Club.