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Tips and Tricks For Planning Trips With Friends and Family


Whether it’s to a different country or the next state over, traveling to a new place can be very exciting. You will get a chance to see and experience things you never have before. Traveling becomes even more thrilling when you go with some of your greatest pals. Traveling with friends can definitely make the trip more adventurous, especially on the way to your destination. However, the trip can get complicated if you do not make concrete plans beforehand. To ensure a successful trip, you have to take the time to carefully plan your vacation. Here are some great tips for planning a trip with your friends.

Divide Responsibilities

Planning a big trip can be a lot of work, so it is a good idea to divide the responsibilities among each other. If you do it this way, planning the trip will not seem so overwhelming. For example, one person can research hotels while another person can look up affordable restaurants to eat at. Make sure to write down these responsibilities on paper so that everyone is clear on what they have to do.

Search for Discounts

Make sure to search heavily for discounts on the Internet before you set anything in stone. Scoring a few discounts can end up saving you a lot of money on your trip. For instance, if you are going to a big city, you should try and see if you can get discounts tickets to attractions and shows in advance.

Be Realistic About Your Budgets

Before you leave for the trip, it is extremely important for everyone to discuss their budgets with one another. If you set up a budget beforehand, no one will end up spending money that they do not actually have. Also, make sure to be realistic with your budgets. If you and your friends do not have a ton of money to spend, you probably should not book a room at a five-star hotel.

Discuss Pet Peeves Beforehand

It is very important to discuss pet peeves beforehand to avoid problems during your trip. Everyone should sit down at a table and speak up if they have pet peeves about other people in the group. For example, if one of your friends smokes and you can’t stand being around it, you should politely ask her not to do it around you. At first, it might seem awkward to bring up pet peeves, but it is actually a very smart idea. If you are honest about your feelings in the beginning, you can prevent future annoyances.

Decide on Sleeping Arrangements

It might not seem like a big deal, but deciding on sleeping arrangements before you leave is essential. If you decide to rent a condo or house, you need to determine who will sleep where. One of the fairest ways to figure this out is to pull names out of a hat. Another thing you can do is rotate rooms.

Sketch a Simple Itinerary

Although there should be some spontaneity during your trip, someone should still sketch a simple itinerary before leaving. It is just helpful to have a basic idea of the attractions and places you want to visit while you are on vacation.

Do not expect your trip with your friends to be perfect. If you are spending long periods of time together, someone is bound to get annoyed or flustered. One way to prevent annoying each other is to build in a few solo hours per day. Spending time apart for a little while will keep everyone from driving each other crazy. Also, agree to limit texting, phoning and emailing while you are on vacation. The trip will be much more exciting and fun if everyone just leaves their technology devices alone.



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