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Tips to Ensure Success during a Homestay 

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Homestay is a good choice when you are visiting somewhere for the first time. It is much cheaper than booking a hotel or other accommodation options and it can provide a much nicer experience, enabling you to immerse yourself in a particular culture and get to know more about other people. This is no longer just a trip but an experience.

It is quite challenging for a first-timer, the entire experience may seem strange to you, you will be living with another family and you have totally different habits and ways that you go about your everyday life. Here are some tips to ensure your stay will be a happy one.

Be polite

Always be polite, this will be appreciated wherever you stay. You are staying in someone else’s home therefore you need to afford them the respect and consideration for the time you spend in it. You can find homestay accommodation with recommendations for the best hosts and their properties.

Inform them about any food allergies as soon as possible

While you are still arranging your homestay, you need to inform the host family about and any food preferences or intolerances and allergies. It is difficult to say no when the food is already served. However, if they know in advance, they won’t prepare it for you. You may also need to consider different cultures, it is impolite in some cultures to decline when offered food.

Bring everything you need

Homestays are usually located in areas that are outside the city. It helps if you are fully prepared for the trip. If you need help with mobility where access to certain areas might be a challenge or you have any medical conditions you need to be prepared, make the necessary arrangements and make the host family aware as soon as possible.

Wear simple and comfortable clothes

The goal of homestays is to teach you simple living – take simple, modest clothing as certain types of clothing might not be received well by your host family and if you are asked to wear local costumes and traditional attire, give them a try. This is a part of the entire experience.

Try helping out

You will be, somewhat, a part of their family, therefore, you also need to muck in and do your fair share. Help with cooking, washing dishes, cleaning the house and tidying your room.

Bring gifts

This is the least that you can do to say thank you to your host family. Bring gifts to show your appreciation. It does not have to be something grand or expensive. It can be something from your hometown or a gift that will help them remember you by.

Keep in touch after the homestay

The experience of a homestay lets you be a part of their family and it doesn’t need to end once the homestay is over, by keeping in touch you can remain a part of the extended family for many years.