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Top 5 Famous Hotel Renovations in Europe


Hotel renovations are usually costly affairs, but the exquisite improvements render such expenses well spent.  Renovations greatly enhance the appeal of hotels, improving not only its visual appearance but also the comfort and convenience it provides to guests. Europe, being a popular destination for romantic getaways and luxurious vacations, has seen a huge increase in major hotel renovations. Here are five top luxury hotels in Europe that have undergone major renovations, elevating them to a higher, incomparable status.

  • Le Bristol (Paris)

Situated in a fashion and arts district, Le Bristol was recently renovated for a price of $33 million. The 187-room iconic Parisian hotel is known for its opulence, with crystal chandeliers and Persian carpets adorning individual guest rooms. Two new honeymoon bedroom suites with panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower have been added. Aside from renovating guest rooms, new features have been installed within the hotel. The classy bar Le Bar du Bristol is furnished with golden-coloured granite and has wooden floor made from Versailles oak, designed to attract customers to socialize and relax. Le Bristol’s French style spa has also been expanded to 6,000 square feet, encompassing a relaxation area and eight treatment rooms. Additionally, the hotel’s 3-star Michelin Gastronomic restaurant has been re-designed to improve the experience of diners.

  • De L’Europe (Amsterdam)

Known as the “Royal Palace of Amsterdam,” this historic hotel underwent a grand renovation with a hefty cost of $88 million. Situated in the heart of Amsterdam, De L’Europe sits on the Amstel River, presenting a gorgeous view of the riverside. The expansive renovation of De L’Europe added a touch of 21st century modernity to the existing 19th century architectural style of the building. The hotel not only boasts its timeless Rondeel building but also a Dutch Masters Wing with deluxe suites, including Amsterdam’s only 6 bedroom suite. Hotel rooms not only feature traditional elements through replicas of Dutch Masters paintings from the nearby Rijksmuseum, but also offer the latest technology, including gently heated floors and motion detecting lighting in each guest room. De L’Europe’s award-winning restaurant, Bord’ Eau, was also refurbished with classic simplicity.

  • Radisson Royal Hotel (Moscow)

Originally named Hotel Ukraina, this hotel is part of the landmark “Seven Sisters” skyscrapers in Moscow. Displaying Stalinist architecture, Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow was built in the 1950s as the largest hotel in Europe at that time. Overlooking the Moskov River, the hotel’s location, along with its rich history, is extremely attractive to guests. Plans for a total renovation were proposed after the hotel ownership changed in 2005. With a reconstruction bearing the cost of $300 mil, Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow reopened in 2010. With a capacity of 500 rooms, the hotel features 5 star luxury accommodations, gourmet restaurants, elegant boutiques and even a karaoke bar. It’s no wonder the hotel was crowned the World’s leading luxury business hotel of 2011!

  • The Savoy (London)

After its purchase by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, London’s iconic hotel The Savoy, underwent a three year renovation led by French designer Pierre-Yves Rochon. Built in the 1800s, The Savoy was the first modern hotel of its kind, with a reputation of the highest standard of comfort and service. Worldly renowned for its ability to attract famous clientele ranging from Claude Monet to Bob Dylan, renovations with a heavy price tag of $350 million were proposed to drastically improve the conditions of the hotel. Bathrooms blocking the view of the Thames River were stripped out, and floor to ceiling windows were opened up in their place. Two-thirds of the rooms now have riverside views, overlooking not only the Thames but also the House of Parliament and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Carpets were substituted with black-and-white marble, a winter garden gazebo was added to the popular afternoon tea foyer, and the Beaufort bar was installed. Guest rooms offer guests a choice of two different styles: traditional Edwardian splendour of the late 19th century or the Art Deco Style of the 1920-30s.

  • Hotel Schweizerhorf (Switzerland)

With $50 million, Hotel Schweizerhorf was given a face-lift, with major renovations made not only to its guest rooms but also its lobby design. Located in the Swiss capital city Bern, Hotel Schweizerhorf has a history of over 150 years. Renovations restored the classical look of the hotel, combining timeless elegance with contemporary décor. With an aim to refurbish the hotel so that it would attract 21st century business travellers, rooms were expanded by scaling down the hallways and corridors and modern amenities were added to increase comfort and accessibility. The main entrance of Hotel Schweizerhorf was relocated, and an alabaster reception desk was installed, amongst other improvements. Boasting classy colours and carefully chosen artworks in the hallways, Hotel Schweizerhorf proves that it can be luxurious but also functional at the same time.

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