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Top 8 Tourist Attractions in Sydney

A trip to Sydney is always packed with fun, excitement and activities. This stunning city has so many offerings that you can get overwhelmed with a countless number of places to visit and things to do. A lot of holidaymakers from all around the globe descend upon the golden-shores of this beautiful city to enjoy and explore some amazing places of interest and delights. Many people consider Sydney as the beating heart of modern Australia. Listed below is a top 8 tourist attractions in Sydney.

Sydney Harbor

Sydney Harbor should be the #1 tourist attraction in Sydney. It’s not at all possible to plan a holiday- trip to Sydney and miss out on this fantastic spot. Sydney Harbor is recognized as the most beautiful natural harbor on this planet. It boasts of artistically serene and remarkably absorbing atmosphere that include amazing parks, gardens as well as natural reserves.

Sydney Olympic-Park

Sydney Olympic-Park is the heart of city’s sporting and entertainment activities. Millions of people visit this famous park every year to participate in a number of multi-cultural festivities, sporting events as well as educational programs. It is definitely a major attraction for tourist visitors who seek pleasure and fun on their visit to Australia.

Luna Park

Luna Park is a theme park located at Milsons-Point, the northern shoreline of Sydney Harbor. This theme park was started in 1935, which was opened to the general public just for 9 months per year; however, after the year 1972, the park is opened all year round. It was often closed for renovations and maintenance, but is functional till date from 2004. This theme park holds a place in the NSW State Heritage-Register. The key attraction is the Luna-Park’s face which is 30 ft. wide. There are many exciting rides like Flying Saucer , Rotor, Wild Mouse, Tumblebug and Tango Train, to mention a few. There are also separate rides for the little ones like U-Drive, Whirly Wheel, etc.

Royal Botanic-Gardens

Royal Botanic-Gardens are royally impressive and botanically exciting! It’s the perfect place to visit for individuals who search tranquility, serenity and peace in the hustle bustle of Sydney city. It is regarded as the oldest scientific-institution in Australia and includes an assortment of more than 7500 plant varieties. A leisure walk through the beautiful garden during the early spring when the plants and trees blossom in to their full glory is surely an experience that isn’t easy to forget about.

Sydney Opera House


When discussing about Australia, can anybody forget the popular Opera-House? Sydney Opera-House is the one among the most unique and distinctive architectural structures of the 20th-century that was designed by Jorn Ultzon, a Danish Architect. This building got into the list of UNESCO-World Heritage Sites in 2007. There are several performing avenues within this building and is also a key attraction in Sydney. You can find plenty of cafes, shops, recording studios, restaurants and a lot more in this distinct building.

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Parks are encouraged to set about an exceptional journey, discovering more than 300 species of Australia’s assorted wildlife. Featherdale Wildlife Park offers all day FREE activities with Australia’s most precious and iconic ‘Aussies’, the Kangaroo and Koala. Education and Wildlife Conservation form a vital element of Featherdale’s philosophy. Not simply is Featherdale well-known throughout the Australian tourism industry but also its extensive captive-breeding programs have elevated the bar for animal management and conservation in the zoological sector. Due to this fact, Featherdale wildlife and animal husbandry methods are extremely sought-after by zoos and fauna-parks worldwide.

Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Aquarium is located on the eastern side of Darling Harbor. This aquarium has the greatest collection of Australian aquatic species with almost 6,000 fishes. Sharks swim above your head? Does that seem terrifying? Do not worry. The aquarium has polymer-bonded glass-tunnels and this is the place where the sharks move around; thus giving the visitors a visible impact of sharks moving just above the head.


Queen Victoria Building

The lavish Queen Victoria Building (QVB) is topped with 3 large copper clad-domes, which was constructed as a produce-market, highlighting the wealth of the town at that time. In a construction project costing around $80 million, and carried out in the year 1986, the QVB was entirely remodeled in the 19th Century style arcade, conserving its luxuriant exterior and stunning tainted glass-windows. The QVB’s 190 boutiques, shops and art galleries are open every day and sell an array of products such as Australian quality jewelry and designer label-clothes.


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John Chen is a travel writer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand.


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  • Smith says:

    Thanks for a great article – we have just returned to living in Sydney and we have already done a couple of things on your list! We did the walk across the Harbour Bridge a few weeks ago which is fantastic, checked out the markets and The Rocks and Chinatown (and had a last ride on the monorail). You have a few more things here which we will also check out over coming months.