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Want to get free tickets to a concert? Here’s how you can get one!

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Watching your favorite band perform live on stage is something that everybody desires. But concert tickets and the associated costs are inhibiting us from getting this desire fulfilled. Concert tickets are just getting expensive by the day. Wouldn’t it be great to attend live concerts or musicals for free? Listed below are a few ways you can obtain free concert tickets in Aspen

Take home a ticket by spreading the word about the event

Keep track of the website of your favorite band or a band you know is coming to your city and search to see whether they have a team of promoters. Check if they are looking for assistance. Join them to promote the event by spreading the word to friends, family, relatives, and colleagues.

Share the message on Facebook, Twitter, a WhatsApp status, Instagram, and other social media channels. You will surely be paid a stipend along with free concert tickets to the show, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can get a chance to win VIP passes too.

Find for contests on social media

One of the best ways to win free concert tickets Aspen is to look for contests on social media. Promoters of a concert or event run online social media contests to drive traffic to their website. In this way, they not only build goodwill but also spread brand awareness.

You can always participate in such contests to win free concert tickets. However, due to rampant competition, winning the contest seems nearly impossible. However, there is no harm in trying, and you might end up winning the tickets yourself. To be noticed by the promoters of the event, you need to promote the post on your social media.

Volunteer for the event

Check the website or social media of the band several months or weeks in advance of the event date and see if they are actively looking for volunteers. Apply to volunteer if you have the time and a flexible work schedule and you will get a free ticket to attend the concert or live show.

Volunteering for the event can also bring you close to your favorite band. You will get to see them rehearse and probably even perform on stage. Volunteering is a cumbersome job and requires strong will power and dedication; hence, you’re demanded to work for the event wholeheartedly.

Pay attention to talk shows and ads

If you’re really looking forward to getting that free ticket to the concert, you need to pay close attention to promotional materials, and talk shows. Listen to the radio carefully and find out where you can get free tickets. Promoters of the event often associate themselves with shops or malls to help get leads and attract a large number of crowds to the event. You can also be a part of this crowd if you’re successful in finding the shop or mall the promoters are associating with.

Obtaining free tickets to a concert requires patience and determination. Not everybody can avail tickets for free, but if you try your luck in places where tickets are being issued, you can surely win a free concert ticket.