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What goes best with your favourite pizza?

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Pizza, the Italian dish has traveled around the world to become a favourite amongst each doorstep. Delivered hot and ozzing with cheese by the pizzerias, this revering dish isn’t just a snack today, but a wholesome meal to sit and eat with your family or friends. But is it enough for you to dig into this crusty delight alone? At DoublePizza the tradition has been to serve it with the best of drinks and complementary sides to bring along a wholesome experience.

For those who constantly look for a little something to go with pizza, here are some of the best sides that you can order and enjoy your favourite pizza!

Cold drinks or Wine

There is no denying that we need something to drink with the chewy and crusty pizzas. And nothing beholds the love as much as a glass of fizzy cold drink does. Fountain drinks are popular amongst the masses for the sultry taste and finish that comes with pizza. Most pizzerias have combos of pizzas with cold drinks for the ultimate taste!

Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is a much carefully baked side dish that brings the soft bread texture with subtle texture of garlic and butter. It is amongst the celebrated sides that are ordered with the crispy and veggies pizzas. With its subtle flavor it is one of the favourites amongst families and oldies for its beautiful finish.

French Fries

A favourite of the kids, adults and oldies alike – French fries is a much revered dish of America that has become a household name. And this crunchy potato fries with its subtle flavours pairs well with pizzas for a delightful meal. While the pizza gives the cheesy goodness, the French fries celebrate the soft crispy texture. In America the pizza and French fries combination is par excellence.

Chicken Wings

Every pizzeria serves chicken wings on their menu owing to its delightful mix that is savoured by millions. Chicken Wings is one of the widely ordered items across different restaurants and fast food joints.


To complete the meal that includes pizzas, cold drinks and other crispy sides, a desert brings about a right balance. In this case, the choco lava cakes, chocolate or butterscotch mousse or even a scoop of ice-cream goes a long way. Desserts are mush preferred additions to pizza orders.

Confused on what to order with pizza? Try some of these sides for a fun-filled dinner experience!