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What Is a Dock Maker or Dock Builder?

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The term “dock maker” can refer to a range of activities, from building docks to creating the useful space around your boat’s dock. Trusted dock makers, also known as dock builders, work closely with boat owners to recommend building materials as well as structure size and type based on your unique needs. Your dock maker needs to have a variety of skills from wood working to engineering in order to master their craft.

Types of Structures

Dock makers can be responsible for building either water-based or land-based structures that are used to support boats as they’re entering or leaving the water or as they are being stored. This could be anything from piers, to pylons, bridges, tunnels or wharves.

Training for Dock Makers

Dock makers often spend years learning everything that they will need to know. Training includes:

  • Welding, both real and virtual that lead to welding certification by industry organizations
  • Field training in driving piles, working with engineers
  • Understanding of upcoming installation information by completing time as an apprentice
  • Occupational Safety and Health Association certification of safe building procedures
  • Training in managing a wide-ranging team that includes timbermen, welders, sheet workers, core drillers and more

Each step of their training includes real life applications with working dock makers, to ensure that safety and quality standards are always maintained.

Dock builders have a wide range of expertise that allows them to work with a variety of materials to confidently build a dock that will add years of enjoyment to your boating activities.

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