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What to Pack for a Trip to Sri Lanka – A Guide

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Sri Lanka is a hot and wet tropical country along with breathtaking chilly mountains. Thus, if you are planning to make a trip to Sri Lanka, you should be packing accordingly. Most importantly, Sri Lanka is a country of diverse climate, and your packing depends upon the area that has intended to visit and not on the time of year when you plan to visit Sri Lanka.

Some Useful Packing Tips

  • If you are visiting the beaches of Sri Lanka or the beach towns, you can go for packing normal beach wear or the simple holiday attire. Simple cotton clothes which are light and comfortable is preferable in this part of the country otherwise you might feel extremely hot since the weather is generally dry and sunny here.
  • If you are planning to visit the hills, then the packing will be a bit different one. The temperature is cooler in the hills, and hence it is necessary to pack the warm clothes so that you do not have to shiver while visiting the hills. You should also pack a scarf of a muffler to prevent your ears and head from the chilly winds.
  • Now if you intend to visit the inland plains or the temples, then light cotton clothes are recommended since the temperature is on the higher side. If you mainly want to visit the numerous temples, then it suggested that you should go for traditional outfits which are modest ones. The dress should have more coverage here.

Other necessary things should be included in a map which could be useful to travel so that you do not lose your way at any point in time. You should also carry some of the necessary medicines with you. In case you need some more information, you can simply take it from which would make all details clear to you.