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Why More People are Choosing Holiday Cottages

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More and more families are choosing holiday cottages over traditional hotel stays for their holiday accommodation, this is down to a number of different factors. Cottages Aberdovey offer all the comforts of home in a lovely tourist friendly location.

Here are just some of the main reasons why holiday cottages Aberdovey and others are becoming more popular alternatives to hotels.

Privacy and Space

When you compare a standard sized hotel room with a rented holiday cottage, it’s easy to see why guests might prefer the space that a holiday rental offers. But perhaps, even more compelling than extra space is the added privacy that comes along with a holiday cottage. No need to worry about the maid coming round at in-oportune times, no having to shush a screaming child at night in case they disturb the neighbours and complete freedom to laze around all day in your pj’s if you are so inclined.

Authentic Travel

Guests who choose holiday cottages instead of big chain hotels are likely to be much more adventurous than those who prefer the safety of a hotel complex. Hotels might have everything under one roof and make life easy, but holiday cottages can represent a far richer overall travel experience because guests have to go out of their way to immerse themselves in local life and culture; even if this means just going to the local shops for cooking supplies.

Food, Glorious Food!

Self catering holiday cottage guests have little choice but to go out and find cooking supplies, or going out to try different local restaurants and in this aspect, food can definitely enrich their holiday experience. One of the best things about a self catering holiday is the freedom to eat whatever and whenever you want – no need to strictly adhere to hotel meal times, and there won’t be any hotel buffet repetitions.

Foodie guests will also appreciate a fully stocked self catering kitchen, perhaps with some local cookery books or meal suggestions left out. There might also be a list of recommended local restaurants to try out.

Exceeding Expectations

Now this is where a holiday cottage can come into its own; hotels by nature cater to the mass audience, but a holiday rental can be set up and tailored to specific guests. As a guest, knowing that your accommodation can cater for your muddy bike needs and wants can be incredibly valuable. Holiday cottages can understand and market to niche audiences and this results in them being able to offer so many additional features that can make the holiday extra special.

Your Rules

It’s very nice to stay in a hotel and be waited on hand and foot, but after a few days it’s sure to get a little tiring. Having to set the alarm extra early to skip the breakfast queue, making yourself scarce when the maid wants to come in and clean, or suffering through the in-house entertainment (which can be slightly questionable). A holiday cottage means no rules, no need to rush and no judgement!