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Your Perfect London Proposal

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There are many options when considering the perfect place to propose in London. The city is full of historically significant locations, cultural establishments, and fantastic architecture. You may want to take your loved one to overlook the city from atop the Shard or, alternatively, among the tranquil beauty of Kensington Gardens. However, with a little research, you may be able to find a place or activity that suits you more personally as a couple. While it is easy to be overwhelmed with options it’s important to remember that your proposal is one of the most memorable events and will be talked about for years! To help you consider the best event for you and your partner, here are some ideas for romantic proposals in London.

Out in Nature

You don’t have to leave the city to enjoy nature.  If you want to propose surrounded by beautiful flora and greenery then there are plenty of gardens within the city to choose from. The Hill Garden and Pergola is a small but beautiful garden. It is more private than many of the larger gardens and the vine-covered pergola makes for a stunning photo opportunity. If you visit at the right time of year, you could propose among the roses of Queen Mary’s Garden or, with the right weather, beside the peacocks of the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park.

With Great Views

Some of the best vistas in the city are not found in public places. London’s architecture makes for fantastic sights and can be enjoyed from a more personal space. Finding a hotel or apart hotel allows you to arrange an intimate proposal with your own private view of London. You could rest by the fire in one of London’s old buildings or look out over the skyline from one of the modern penthouses. You will be able to find many options, including serviced arrangements, for an apart hotel in London from LSA. You will be able to enjoy comfort and privacy with a location and room catered entirely to your vision.

Full of Excitement

If you want to share a thrilling experience with your partner, to match the adrenaline of proposing, then London may have it. Proposing while skydiving or diving in an aquarium are both brilliant activities to ensure a memorable proposal. You can find something at every level, from wild swimming in Hampstead Ponds to bungee jumping from the O2 Arena. If you fancy an activity with a little chill, then you can even find places to ski!

Indulging with Food

It is no surprise that London is well established with fantastic restaurants. Whether you are looking for the finest, Michelin star experience, or to experience cuisine from a favourite country, then there will be something in the city. Many high-end restaurants will be perfect for an epicurious proposal with extravagant tasting menus matched with luxurious wines. Alternatively, you could find a secluded and romantic venue to propose by candlelight, even one overlooking the water and the city’s great skyline!